Buy Sustainable Child-proof Packaging at CRATIV Packaging

Nov 10th, 2021 8:17AM

Buy Sustainable Child-proof Packaging at CRATIV Packaging
"One of the most important aspects of good cannabis packaging is COMPLIANCE. As per the US and Canadian packaging laws, all cannabis goods should be delivered in child-proof packaging. Simply put, your containers should be difficult for any child under the age of five to open within a reasonable amount of time.

Explore CRATIV Packagings line of hardshell cannabis containers with a child-resistant locking mechanism that any adult can open with ease. Discover top-quality premium CR packaging explicitly designed for vapes, edibles, and pre-rolls. In addition, we also offer a range of inserts and label offerings to customize your child-proof packaging according to your requirements, helping you differentiate your brand in the market. With 50+ years of experience, CRATIV offers effective, compliant, sustainable, and custom-engineered solutions for all your packaging needs. Visit the website to know more -

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