Dad Grass Tincture Trio Bundle

Aug 12th, 2022 3:51AM

With our Dad Grass Trio Tincture Bundle, you can rock out while smoking your drops. You should, according to rumours on the street, take a few drops of each of our dad grass tinctures every day in addition to being able to. Researchers have shown that cannabinoids build up in your body over time, priming your endocannabinoid system and enabling you to absorb extra CBD, CBG, or CBN more effectively, depending on the type of relaxation you're after. When you visit Dad's side of the family, you can save money by purchasing our Dad Grass Trio Tincture Bundle. One of each Dad Grass Tincture is included. One each of the following: a Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD Tincture, a Dad Grass Goodtime CBD + CBG Tincture, and a Dad Grass Nighttime CBD + CBN Tincture.

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