Study24x7: Indiaas first Social Learning Network

Mar 4th, 2021 5:47AM

This is an era of Technology. Almost all the traditional industries have been or are in the process of being transformed by the use of technology. Education is no exception. Edtech is the buzzword today. Although Edtech companies are mushrooming everywhere, one can not help but notice the lack of breakthrough business models in the larger Edtech ecosystem. Some business models like Online Courses, Test Prep have been done to death so much that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to differentiate between the various companies.

Edtech is in desperate need of bold and audacious experiments with business/learning models so as to break away from the humdrum and to truly revolutionize the educational landscape. Study24x7 is one such company which is boldly trying to do just that. Study24x7 works at the intersection of education, technology and community and seeks to connect educators and learners by leveraging its "Social Learning Network"

Now wait a minute! Another Social Network? Arent there enough social networks already?. What is the need of creating another you might ask. This same question plagued the minds of the founders of Study24x7 too. More precisely, how to create a Social Network which can actually maximize learning but simultaneously minimizes all the distractions that come with social networking.

According to Ankit Khandelwal (CPO and Co-Founder), this was a problem that required them to go back to the drawing board and design the whole product from scratch keeping in mind the requirements of the learners. They had to revisit the concept of Feed and redesign it to make it useful, distraction-free and helpful in the process of learning. Fittingly, It is called the Learning Wall within the product that is Study24x7.

Another challenge was to create a useful enough repository of knowledge for the learners which is easily accessible at one place thereby reducing the efforts of learners and improving focus which ultimately improves learning outcomes. To this end Study24x7 created "PrepHubs which are a one-stop knowledge repositories aggregating all the information a learner needs e.g. Articles, Courses, Pages etc.

Since Study24x7 is a Social Learning Network that connects Educators and Learners together, it was absolutely crucial that the product is able to cater to the needs of the educators and solve their pressing problems as well. To this end, the platform offers many features like Educators Pages (for brand visibility), a state of the art Live Stream capability, Real time interactive chat system (to engage with learners), along with the usual features like a one-stop solution for course creation, hosting & selling, launching mock tests, posting articles etc.

Study24x7 seeks to solve problems faced by both educators and learners in online learning. The aim of this platform is to provide an engaging and personalized learning experience to each learner and enabling the educators to just do that.

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