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Feb 3rd 5:28AM

5 Mind-blowing Health Benefits of CBD Oral Spray

Particularly for new users of CBD, oral CBD sprays can be great options since they allow you to easily microdose and, with daily use, allow CBD to accumulate gradually in your body over time.

Jan 21st 2:28AM

Cani-Fresh CBD Oil Max 6000

A CBD oil formulated with 200 mg of CBD per dose. This hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD oil with a mint flavor offers an effective way to consume CBD. Use the dropper to drop the liquid under your tongue to increases absorption into the bloodstream. This de

Jan 7th 4:52AM

Cani-Fresh CBD Oil - CBD for Wellness

CBD oils are the most common form of CBD on the market. These oils are to be taken orally and can either be consumed directly or added to a liquid and consumed (e.g. tea, coffee, juice). To maximize absorption, apply drops under the tongue and hold 30 sec

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