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Jul 28th 3:02AM

Hemp Cigarettes for sale

Introducing the best way to take your daily CBD - Hemp Cigarettes. Shop Wild Hemp's premium CBD cigarettes sourced from 100% US grown hemp plant. Available in four different flavors - Original, Sweet, Pineapple Blaze or Menthol. Visit the website to know

Jul 19th 9:41AM

Top-Quality CBD Cigarettes by Wild Hemp

Sometimes the original is just is the way to go. Our CBD Cigarettes provides you with a convenient yet effective way of consuming your dosage of CBD. 🚬

Our Hempette range currently has 4 flavors: 🌿

1. Original

2. Menthol

3. Sweets

Jul 15th 8:38AM

CBD Cigarettes in Amazing Flavors | Wild Hemp

Wild Hemp's CBD Cigarettes contain high levels of natural CBD content as well as below 0.3% THC. Importantly, our hemp cigarettes contain absolutely zero nicotine, unlike tobacco cigarettes. There are 4 amazing flavors to choose from: Original, Sweet, Pin

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