Vanilla Latte Auto Feminised Seeds - 10

Jul 21st, 2022 5:56AM

Vanilla Latte Auto Feminised Seeds - 10

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Creamy, vanilla-tasting, auto-flowering indica with very high THC production.Vanilla Latte Auto is an indica-dominant auto-flowering strain that was created by crossing Vanilla Frosting with Sol Mate Auto.

Growers can expect very high THC production from thick, chunky indica-style buds.Vanilla latte Auto can be grown indoors or outdoors either planted in the ground or in pots that can be easily moved to catch the sun at all times of the day. They are small enough to be grown on a balcony.

Although there is some small variation between plants growers will be delighted with their efforts. These plants have a life-cycle that is complete in 80 - 90 days from germination through to harvest time.

The flavor is delicious, and reminiscent of creamy vanilla, hence the name. THC levels usually fall between 20 - 25% although the expert grower can tease out even more! The effect is that of a potent indica.

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