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How do I join weedable?
Go here to join our community. It is always free to join Weedable, and we never give away your personal information.
I just registered, now what?
Follow, share, like, and engage with fellow cannabis enthusiast at weedable social network. Locate nearby businesses, storefronts, and deals in the marketplace; shop both THC products and Non-THC products; or discover something new with weedable LIVE. Join our family and grow the community.
How do I make changes to my profile?
Navigate to the top right of your browser to the “My Account” dropdown. From there select “Settings” to update your information.
How do I make my profile private?
From the “My Account” dropdown choose “Settings” option to update your profile. Navigate to the "Account Information" tab and look for the dropdown defaulted set to public to change to set as private.
Should I be public or private?
It’s up to you! Patients on Weedable have the ability to make their social profile private. By going private your social profile will be hidden from the weedable community. Private user’s blog posts will no longer be visible on the main blog, unless you give another permission to following you. Unsure about going private? Don’t worry you can always switch back!
Can I buy through weedable?
Absolutely not. We are not a facilitator, dispenser, retailer, cultivator, producer, nor reseller of any marijuana related products, services, or goods. To purchase any products on weedable store you must visit the businesses phycial location or contact the business for additional support.

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