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Discover Weedable Developer Tools: Follow, Like, Share, & Embed.

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With our open source API, developers can create, populate, and fully manage their weedable social profile and storefront via an HTTP REST interface in JSON format. And with our open API concepts your followers can share to weedable, like a blog post on weedable, follow a store or user on weedable, and embed content.
Looking for new ways to engage with your customers and fans? Look no further...

Where Do I Find Weedable Social Widgets?

It's easy, just login to your weedable profile go to > Settings > Social Widgets.
More will follow but the Share, Follow, Like, & Embed codes are in the Settings Menu of your weedable profile.

What Are Social Widgets?

Social widgets are a way for you to increase your website traffic and increase your presence on weedable social network. This is our way of sharing the weedable community with your followers and fans. Connect with a passionate online cannabis community using weedable social widgets.

Icons or Buttons?

We offer a variety of buttons and icons to help you further customize using weedable social widgets. Depending on your needs, our buttons and icons are designed to get you more likes, shares, and followers. We want your customers, friends, and fans to keep coming back.
There are two main types of widgets: Buttons or Icons.
Buttons are larger images with a CTA text that can be displayed on your website like: "W Share", "W Shop", "Follow Us On W" and more!
Icons are smaller assets displayed with only our white "W" on a weedable green background offered in circle, square, and rounded square sizes.
More buttons and icons available on our brand assets page.

How To Utilize Our Social Widgets?

With a single click of a button users can easily like or share your content and follow you on weedable social. Our social widgets are available for you to increase your brand awareness and grow your fan base. We want to help drive traffic to your site by allowing your visitors to distribute content across the weedable social network all at the click of one button.
We aim to help you grow your weedable community one person at a time, with quick and simple share, follow, and like buttons. Join weedable today!

Begin By Adding the Weedable Embed Code

No matter which social widget you use or how many you decide to add, you only need to add the following code once. For best results, add it directly above your closing tag.

For support contact


The share button allows your fans to share your content from any website to weedable social with the click of a button. Shared content will be made readily available to your fans followers on weedable social network.
Sharing increases your brand's awareness and drives traffic back to you! We want your visitors to share your content on the weedable social network, quickly and easily. Grow your brand faster, today!


Want users and friends to follow you quickly on weedable? Use the weedable follow widget to gain more followers in more places.
Add a follow button to your website to grow your weedable following, one fan at a time. It is easy to install and awesome to use!
The follow button allows your fans to subscribe to your public updates you post on weedable. Followers will be able to learn more about your business or brand.

Embed (Social Profile or Storefront)

The embed widget is the easiest way to publish your weedable social profile or storefront onto your website. Fans can discover your weedable presence and engage you without leaving your website.
Embedding helps gain social traffic to your website and attract followers and fans.


By the click of a button gain likes on your weedable social posts. People can like your content on the web and share your content to weedable social network.
Easily become a weedable social influencer.

Coming soon: Like Product, Like Strain, Like Storefront

Social Widgets

1: Choose your social widget type from the 4 options below.

2: Customize your embed settings for "Follow" using this form.

Not available on "Button Only"


2: Customize your embed settings for "Like" using this form.

You haven't written any blog posts yet!

Not available on "Button Only"


2: Customize your embed settings for "Share" using this form.

Not available on "Button Only"


2: Customize your embed settings for "Profile" using this form.

Not available on "Button Only"


3: Include the Weedable embed code on your page once (right after the opening <body> tag.)

4: Place this code wherever you want the widget to appear.

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