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Dad Grass
Oct 28th, 2022 7:49AM

Which is the best place to buy CBD Tincture in the USA?

California is one of the prominent producers of cannabis, especially in the Emerald Triangle area. With its rich soil, mediterranean climate, and dedicated farmers, cannabis plants would thrive there naturally.

Dad Grass is your perfect one-stop sh

Dad Grass
Sep 30th, 2022 6:11AM

Best CBD Tinctures To Try In 2023

Looking for high quality, organic & premium quality CBD Tinctures? We have made a list of 4 of the best CBD Tinctures you shouldn't miss in 2023.

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Element Apothec
Aug 26th, 2022 4:29AM


A soothing, all-purpose balm formulated with broad spectrum hemp phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBG, and CBN), potent botanicals, and beneficial oils for aching bodies. This powerful balm absorbs quickly beyond the skin and into sore muscles to provide whole-bod

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