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Oct 30th 12:59PM

Water Soluble Nano Sleep Spray a Broad Spectrum

Better Sleep Spray with Broad Spectrum CBD was formulated to deliver specific nutrients that have shown to help you get a great nights rest. Enjoy natural sleep support courtesy of CBD, Melatonin, GABA, Valerian Root, and other natural ingredients.

Oct 29th 12:54PM

Replenishing Shampoo

Replenishing Shampoo blends our premium CBD isolate with the highest quality ingredients. Along with 100mg of CBD, it is rich in vital nutrients, including vitamins A, B, C and E. This incredible combination is known to act as a natural moisturizer and co

Oct 28th 11:36AM

Replenishing Conditioner

Replenishing Conditioner is a blend of premium CBD isolate and other high-quality ingredients, which are known for moisturizing and softening hair while locking in nutrients, and can work great to combat split ends and prevent breakage. Along with 100mg o

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