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Aug 23rd 10:56PM

Cannabis and guns

Did you know that recently a law was passed which dictates that cannabis consumers can't bear arms? What about alcohol drinkers? That makes no sense whatsoever, or does it?

Aug 23rd 8:16PM

Order with bitcoin shipping worldwide ounces from 90

I found these vendors on this site last week and decided to place an order from them for one ounce of there buds that was for 90gbp per ounce. The weed came in the post in 4 days posted Friday here Wednesday Morning in excellent stealth. The stealth even

Aug 15th 1:58PM

Acing a drug test

Hey everybody, anyone had to take a drug test here? I'm researching on how to ace them in "unconventional" ways there are many every day products that can make you fail a test like shown in the link but Im also interested in knowing if those tests can act

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