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Element Apothec
Aug 18th 8:18AM

Calm Cool Collected | Tincture 1500mg - Element Apothec

An everyday tincture formulated with broad spectrum hemp phytocannabinoids (CBD + CBG) and beneficial botanicals that support a healthy response. Feeling overwhelmed? This amazing tincture can help calm the mind and relax the body. Element Apothecs Ca

Dad Grass
Jul 29th 2:36AM

Mom Grass CBG Hemp Flower Half Ounce

A half ounce of Mom Grass CBG Hemp flower. Comes with premium organic hemp Dad Grass Rolling Papers and a 2-way humidity control pack.

Visit here to buy -

Jul 21st 6:12AM

'Trim-Jail' Kit

Happy Hydro | 'Trim-Jail' Kit | Kief Collector | 4-Tier Drying Rack
Order yours today! out of Trim Jail early with good behavior, and the right tools! Happy Hydro has put together a bundle of our favorite indoor gardening acces

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