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Dad Grass
Apr 20th 7:04AM

Dad Grass Pre-rolled CBD joints

Five pre-rolled CBD joints made with 100 percent USDA Organic hemp flower grown sustainably in the United States. There is no nicotine or tobacco. You'll enjoy this hemp-derived CBD pre-roll since it's made of high-quality hemp flower with an appearance

Dad Grass
Apr 13th 6:21AM

Flower Dad Stash Bundle - Dad Grass

Thanks to the latest breakthrough in our groundbreaking stashing system, there are four methods to hide your joints in plain sight. Our first four Flower Dad Stashes Bundles, like our 5-Pack Dad Stashes, are meant to blend seamlessly into the most grass-c

Dad Grass
Apr 8th 7:50AM

Buy Cover Ups Flower Dad Stash CBD Hemp Flower

Our new Cover Ups Flower Dad Stash magnets, the latest invention in our innovative stashing method is a quarter or half ounce tin of Dad Grass Flower that appears like a tin of band-aids or a new everyday object. Our first four Flower Dad Stashes are me

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