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Dad Grass
Oct 19th 9:27AM

Ditch the Tricks and Treat Yourself this Halloween

This Halloween, our book list is filled with some sinfully sublime reads. So ditch the kids and treat yourself with a story that wont let you sleep for a week, plus some weed thatll have you Chillin like a villain. Read the blog to know more at https://b

Dad Grass
Oct 6th 9:34AM

Will Dad Grass CBD Joints & Flower Show Up On A Drug Test?

When it comes to drug tests, urine tests are still the most popular and common method of screening, and while they dont typically scan for CBD, sometimes Hemp products have THC in them as well. The only times a CBD product will trigger a positive drug tes

Dad Grass
Oct 1st 10:15AM

The Modern Men At Maxim Take On The Vintage Dudes At Dad Grass

Elder dads have learned the hard way in the last couple of decades that the dry, stemmy stuff they were getting when rock and roll wasnt yet dead has little in common with the lab-grown cerebral nukes coming out of the pacific northwest and elsewhere in 2

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