Dad Grass

Dad Grass is reviving the mellow sensibility of the casual smoke. Our 100% Organic hemp pre rolled CBD joints serve up a clean buzz without the fuss. Our special collections of merch and apparel pay tribute to the timeless staples of dad style. Past,

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Dad Grass
Jun 27th 1:55AM

10 Pack - Parent Pack

One Ten pack of Dad Grass CBD Joints. One Ten Pack of Mom Grass CBG Joints. It's a family affair! If youre trying to decide whether youre Team Dad Grass or Team Mom Grass, our recommendation is that you give em both a chance. Maybe youll find yourself tur

Dad Grass
Jun 24th 1:49AM

Dad Grass x George Harrison Button Pack

A 5-pack of 1 buttons that pay homage to one of Georges favorite accessories. For those that cant get their hands on one of the super rare and collectable vintage George Harrison buttons, weve created a set of instant classics inspired by the ones youll f

Dad Grass
Jun 23rd 1:45AM

Best Place to Buy CBD Tinctures in Texas

"The Best Place to Buy CBD Tinctures in Texas .

Tinctures are made in many ways, but at Dad Grass, our Classic Formula CBD Tinctures are made from the same CBD-rich 100 percent Organic Dad Grass hemp flower used to make our joints. It's a simple rec

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