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Dad Grass
Sep 13th 7:46AM

Dad Grass Nighttime Formula CBD + CBN Tincture

The Dad Grass Nighttime Formula is a 100% Organic full spectrum hemp tincture crafted to lull you into a deep and restful sleep. Rich with terpenes. High in CBD, plus CBN. Infused with calming linden. No habit-forming chemicals. Just an all-natural reme

Element Apothec
Sep 8th 7:51AM


powerful nighttime tincture formulated with broad spectrum hemp phytocannabinoids (CBD + CBN) and beneficial botanicals that support relaxation and promotes a deep, restorative sleep. This incredible tincture helps relax even the most stressed individuals

Dad Grass
Sep 8th 5:53AM

Mom Grass Anytime Formula CBG Tincture

"The Mom Grass Anytime Formula is a 100% Organic full spectrum CBG tincture infused with a hint of mint. CBG is the mother of all cannabinoids, the building block for THC and CBD. Its extra special. Rare and powerful. A bit of a mystery. Just like the m

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