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Dad Grass
Apr 14th, 2022 6:20AM

The Morning Ritual Bundle - DG Classic Tincture + Mom Grass 5 Pack

CBD and CBG are both beneficial on their own, but they work much better together. When you mix the stimulating and grounding properties of our Mom Grass CBG joints with our Classic Formula CBD Tincture designed to relax you morning, noon, and night, you g

Dad Grass
Mar 30th, 2022 9:02AM

A Classic Goodtime Tincture Bundle

Our Classic Goodtime Tincture Bundle contains our Classic Formula CBD Tincture and our Goodtime Formula CBD + CBG Tincture. You may, and should, take our Classic CBD Tincture every day. Cannabinoids compound in your body over time, stimulating your endoca

Dad Grass
Aug 26th, 2021 6:28AM

Parent Pack : CBD & CBG Joints On Sale

One 5 pack of Dad Grass CBD Joints. One 5 Pack of Mom Grass CBG Joints. It's a family affair! Shop parent pack of CBD & CBG joints on sale. Both are made from sun-grown hemp flower thats low in THC and rich with a full spectrum of tasty terpenes and canna

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