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Dad Grass
Sep 14th 3:17AM

Best CBD Joints In The Market

All the best CBD joints in the market are wrapped up in 100% natural papers and folded at the end to keep the good stuff in. We go the extra mile to make sure what you smoke is 100% pure and that nothing has accidentally crept into our crop. Buy now from

Dad Grass
Aug 26th 6:28AM

Parent Pack : CBD & CBG Joints On Sale

One 5 pack of Dad Grass CBD Joints. One 5 Pack of Mom Grass CBG Joints. It's a family affair! Shop parent pack of CBD & CBG joints on sale. Both are made from sun-grown hemp flower thats low in THC and rich with a full spectrum of tasty terpenes and canna

Dad Grass
Jun 21st 7:10AM

CBD pre rolls in a pack of 5 from Dad Grass

Dad Grass celebrates #pridemonth 2021 to support the queer community! Shop this special edition Pride pack that includes five .7G hemp CBD pre rolls packed in a hard, dependable flip-top box! Dad Grass will donate 100% of sale proceeds to Equality Califor

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