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Dad Grass
Jun 17th 6:09AM

Shop CBG Pre Rolled Hemp Classic Joint at Dad Grass

Try our CBG Pre Rolled Hemp Classic Joint that contains CBG, an active agent in the organic hemp that we use to make our new pre-rolls. Mom Grass CBG Joints are as rare and potent as the mothers in our lives. It is a box of five 7G CBG pre-rolled joints

Dad Grass
May 11th 8:07AM

Mom Grass Anytime Formula CBG Tincture

The Mom Grass Anytime Formula is a 100% Organic full spectrum CBG tincture infused with a hint of mint. CBG is the mother of all cannabinoids, the building block for THC and CBD. Its extra special. Rare and powerful. A bit of a mystery.

Dad Grass
Apr 28th 8:53AM

Dad Grass Boomers 5 Pack Dad Stash Hemp CBD Pre rolls

Our Boomers Dad Stash decoy sleeve is intended to conceal your five flawlessly rolled 7G hemp CBD pre-rolls joints. So, whether it's July 4th or December 31st or some random special ocassion, you'll always be ready to light up the night with not one but t

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