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Is Weedable free for businesses?
Of course! Weedable will always be free to join!
How does my businsess join weedable?
Click here to join! If you need help getting started feel free to contact us.
How do I login to my account?
If you are not signed in, you will see a button on the top right of your screen that says "Login". Click this button and then enter your single weedable username and password to access your account.
How do I reset my password?
Click here to reset your password.
What do I do if my business has multiple store locations?
Great! We give businesses the ability to add and manage all store locations and delivery servcies with only one login! No more managing sheets of usernames and passwords. With weedable, you only use only one login and password. Be sure to add all your locations and service areas under the "Location Management" tab under your settings menu.
What if my dispensary also has a delivery service?
On Weedable you can have both! As a dispensary you have the option to add as many dispensary and delivery service locations. To add a new delivery service you need to go into your settings menu and under Location Management choose to "Add New Location". Service areas are considered a "location" on weedable store. You can specify how you offer delivery by either (1) servicing the entire state; (2) servicing customers based on zip code; or (3) servicing customers based on radius from your location.
Someone else has my business name?
The first thing we recommend is to contact the user who is currently using your businesses name. If you are unable to reach a resolution, than you may contact admin@weedable.com for support.

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