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What is the Weedable Blog?
This is our main blog feed. You can go here to find blog posts from from all weedable users.
Who should I follow?
Follow your friends and family to keep up with their latest blog posts on weedable social network. You can also follow your favorite storefronts, brands, and other businesses to locate new deals and discover great products in your area.
How do I know who I'm Following?
After you click the "(+) Follow" button you will now be following that user. If you are logged in, you can see who you follow by going to your "My Account" dropdown and choosing "Following".
Can I chat with other weedable users?
There are several ways to engage other users on weedable social network. You can re-blog, like, and comment on any user blog post. Doing so will send them a friendly notification telling them you engaged their blot post. You can tag other weedable users in your blog posts by using the @ symbol and then typing the username of who you wish to tag. We also allow for private messaging between all public users.
Where do I find developer tools?
Click here to find our full list open source developer tools. Our developers tools currently include Follow, Like, Share, & Embed social widgets.
How do I use Follow, Like, Share & Embed developer tools?
Use them anywhere on the web! We encourage web developers to add our social widgets to their website, blog, gallery, or menu. Add a Follow button to gain more followers on your weedable social profile. Include a Share button to quickly and easily disseminate your content onto weedable social.

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