AgriAir PG Air Purifiers

Apr 16th, 2015 1:44PM

PG purifiers are designed as an add-on to nearly any existing air moving or HVAC system. Ideal for existing air moving systems with airflows from 100 to 2000 CFM, the AgriAir PG is a flexible unit for effective indoor garden air purification. Our highly portable units weigh only 18 lbs., and can be set up and working in seconds requiring only a standard 115v power source. AgriAir PG purification process utilizes Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides, eco-friendly oxidizer plasma, made from oxygen and humidity. IHP technology is used to cleanse air passing through our purifiers and sterilize surrounding hard surfaces. Our PG unit effectively destroys microbes, mold, and odor causing volatile organic compounds, as well as sanitizing surrounding areas by actively seeking out and destroying harmful contamination.
With an AgriAir PG purifier integrated into your existing air moving system, many of the major air quality concerns of indoor gardeners can be addressed in one simple step. Annoying strong odors associated with the indoor production of some crops and additional factors like added nutrients can be reduced up to 85%, drastically reducing the cost of bulky and expensive carbon filters. Virus, microbes, and bio-contaminants on surfaces are reduced up to 99.99% in a manner that does not require biocides or chemicals that can be highly toxic. With AgriAir PG purifiers up to 97% of airborne mold spores are destroyed before they have a chance of spreading and growing.

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