Oct 13th, 2021 8:14PM

The three breeds mentioned below are capable of plunging users into a powerful and long-lasting high. The flowers of these varieties produce THC levels of 25 per cent or higher. Check out to learn how to grow these potent strains at home.


Gorilla is a monstrously powerful strain deriving from Chocolate Diesel, Chem Sister, and Sour Dubb. It will become evident that she packs some serious warmth when viewing the powdery coat of THC-laden trichomes that mess with her leaves and flowers.

This marginally Indica-dominant variety contains 25 per cent THC. It creates a fast-acting high that attracts the body to the couch whilst stimulating the brain with philosophical and creative thoughts.

The aromatic terpene profile of Gorilla offers tastes and smells of diesel, ground, and sourness.

Gorilla is a highly rewarding strain to cultivate and certainly favours outdoor conditions, where she will ascend to a height of 300cm and produce a mammoth return of 1000g/plant.


Super Lemon Haze is just another complete powerhouse of the cannabis world. This sativa-dominant woman was created during a breeding endeavour involving Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze.

The high catalysed from these compact and resinous flowers is really cerebral and stimulating.

This strain is an ideal smoker during the daytime to drop some weight in imaginative projects and tasks that require prolonged concentration. That is if you have got the tolerance to handle a THC level of 25%. This intense high is reinforced by scents and tastes of lemon, pepper, and spice.

Super Lemon Haze is a productive strain that does well indoors and outside. Indoor plants grow to a moderate height, create a return of up to 700g/m, and have a flowering period of between 9--10 weeks. Outdoor plants also develop into a moderate height, offer enormous yields of between 1000--1200g/plant, and will also be prepared to harvest during October.


Breeders developed wedding Cakes to appeal to recreational psychonauts chasing influential high and medicinal customers who require enormous quantities of THC to tackle symptoms. Her THC level of 25% was mustered by crossing parent breeds Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie.

This combination caused a cultivar effective at stoning users in an instant. It is a great strain to smoke in the evening for soothing comfort and deep sleep.

Wedding Cake's yields are much like her THC content: extensive. Indoor plants are able to pump out 600g/m following a flowering period of 56--63 times, whereas outdoor plants offer 800g/plant.

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