How the AgriAir system works...

Mar 31st, 2015 1:47PM

AgriAir is a portable, state of the art air purification system, ideal for indoor growing facilities. Patented technology used in AgriAir is proven to sanitize the air and hard surfaces of mold spores, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOC's, creating a superior growing environment. AgriAir purifiers utilize Ionized-Hydroperoxide (IHP) technology, in which a friendly oxidizer plasma made from oxygen and humidity is created. Know the clean smell after a thunder storm? This is essentially the same process, and it occurs in nature all the time. Oxidizing Ionized Hydro-Peroxides, Super Oxide Ions, and Hydroxide ions are created in a low energy cell. The generated Hydroperoxidesdestroy microbes by changing the molecular structure and rendering them harmless, as also is the case with volatile organic compounds and odors. Amounts of Ionized Hydro-Peroxide generated that are required to accomplish the task in an enclosed or confined area are well below the level that is constantly in our outside air. The lifespan of generated oxides is about 15 minutes, after which the unused oxides convert back to H2O and O2 leaving air clean, and fresh smelling. AgriAir equipment leaves behind zero chemical contaminants, and is completely safe for human exposure resulting in some of the most ecologically friendly air purifiers on the market.

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