ILGM End of the season Sale

Sep 28th 2:42PM

Growers everywhere are shutting down shop. Theyre packing away their seeds. Theyre putting their gardening supplies in storage. Everyone is gearing up for the cold, dark winter.

But this time of year doesnt have to be such a sad occasion. In fact, this is when the fun begins. Even if you grow outdoors, you can stock up and save for next years equally as incredible grow season.

For those who are preparing to grow indoors this sale is a great opportunity to pick up some fresh autoflowering variants! These strains produce incredibly potent buds and delicious flavors that will be ready to harvest in only 10 weeks!

Were discounting some of this years most popular strains because we want you to be well prepared for whatever you have planned in the future.

Click here to see all strains.

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