Shop Cannabis Pre Roll Case Packaging only at CRATIV Packaging

Oct 12th 8:53AM

"Choose the perfect cannabis case and deliver your high-quality pre-rolls to your consumers in the best possible way. At CRATIV Packaging, we ensure your cannabis goods arrive fresh and protected from atmospheric and transportation damage. In addition, our pre-roll case packaging is designed to be child-resistant and made under ISO quality system control so that you are compliant with US and Canada packaging laws and regulations. Choose from various sizes, units, and price points, giving you a more robust product line and full-service consumer offering. They are available in three variants - Original (fits up to ten .75G joints), Slim (fits up to five .75G joints), and Mini ( fits up to three .5G joints).
Explore our wide range of inserts and label offerings that allow you to customize your packaging according to your brand requirements, helping you stand out in the market."


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