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Having a superb shoulder workout is most at times neglected in a man's workout routine. You must include an effective and efficient shoulder workout routine in your regular exercise routine and adding some cannabis infused drinks from this strain to eliminate any form of physical imbalance. A superb way of shoulder exercises is those who aim at forming the V-shape most men desire. This entails adding strength to the upper part of your body and reducing the overall circumference of your waist. Research has shown that the most productive types of shoulder workout routine tend to relieve the back of aches and pains and lessens the chances of an individual sustaining an injury. Inculcating superb shoulder exercises to your workout routine tends to provide fast results as compared to other parts of your body during workout sessions. Do not interpret what was stated above to mean that the performance of shoulder exercises are stress-free and comfortable; they are, however, the opposite. Shoulder exercises can get tough when done correctly and consistently, which in turn indicates its effectiveness and efficiency.

What are Your Shoulder Muscles?

The muscles of your shoulders are divided into two groups which are the intrinsic muscles and the extrinsic muscles. Your extrinsic muscles begin at your chest and connect to your shoulder bones, while the inherent powers begin above your upper chest and links with your humerus. Under the extrinsic and intrinsic muscles, you have other detailed muscles which are worked on during shoulder exercises. They include:

Extrinsic Shoulder Muscles


This muscle has the shape of a triangle. It moves from the spine to your shoulder blade while creating support for your shoulder and even your arm while you lift it. The trapezius muscle is located on both the right part and left part of your body.

Laatissimus Dorsi

The translation of the name given to this muscle implies the most massive strength located in the backside. This muscle is commonly referred to as the lat muscles and is known to be very large and broad. It aids in the proper rotation and extension of your arms.

Levator Scapulae

This muscle is solely responsible for lifting your scapula bone. Your scapulae bone aids in the connection of your clavicle and humerus.


This is another essential muscle found in your shoulder region. It is solely responsible for the negation of your scapula. It is located in the middle part of the shoulder blades placed on the upper part of your back. This muscle is divided between the right side and the left side.

Intrinsic Shoulder Muscles


A well-known shoulder muscle is the deltoids. This muscle is also shaped like a triangle like the trapezius muscles. This muscle is found on the top of your shoulder. It can be divided into three main parts known as the posterior, anterior and the middle. Tendons strongly link these muscle fibres. It is well-known that working out your deltoids is important when aspiring to build your shoulders. This is an important muscle to work on if you plan on developing your shoulder muscles. Your deltoids are responsible for the prevention of injury and the easy movement of your arms.

Teres Major

This muscle is known to be a little one which moves from underneath the joint of your shoulder to the backside of your armpits. It is closely associated with the latissimus dorsi, which is why it is known to be the helper of the latissimus dorsi.

Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is known to be the group of tendons and muscles which keeps your arms in place while in a movement to ensure that they do not fall off. These muscles are located near the joint of your shoulder.

Best Shoulder Exercises for Men

It is vital to fully know the parts of your muscles which need to be worked on to get the perfect shoulder shape just like we illustrated. Now it is the time to engage those muscles in extensive workouts which are bound to bring about significant and efficient results. A superb type of workout routine which would have immense effects on your shoulder muscles include:

Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press

This workout routine is superb because it works on not only your shoulders but also most parts of your body. This exercise is fantastic for individuals who wish to develop their muscle mass and strengthen their core. To perform this workout routine, begin by placing your feet wide apart from each other while tightening your abs as you put a barbell near your shoulders. Ensure that your palms are facing the forward direction while pushing the barbell up and squeezing your shoulder blades while your hands are fully stretched out. Gradually lower your hands and return to your starting position. Repeat this procedure for at least ten to twelve reps to get the best results.

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

This is another super workout routine which has been tested by various fitness personnel to be effective. This workout routine has immense effects on your deltoids. It must be included in your workout routine if you wish to develop the deltoids muscles properly. It entails the use of two dumbbells to eliminate any form of imbalance. It ensures that both sides of your body would be equally worked on. You would require a high level of coordination and stamina to perform this workout routine properly. It would be best if you began with light weights for this exercise then later progress to heavier weights. This aids in reducing your risk of sustaining an injury. To perform this workout routine, begin by sitting on a bench while grasping a set of dumbbells in both hands at the level of your shoulders and keeping your palms in a forward direction. Ensure that your spine and your head are kept in a straight position while performing this workout routine to ensure the prevention of an injury. Raise the dumbbells over your head while directing them to touch themselves then maintain it there for a few seconds. Gradually return to your original position and then repeat this procedure for at least ten to fifteen times to get the best results. You must be consistent while performing this workout routine to ensure that you get the best results.

Front Raise

Another great shoulder workout routine is the front raise. It is very efficient and effective when it comes to the proper development of the shoulder muscles. To perform this workout routine, you can make use of a barbell or even a weight plate. This workout routine has immense effects on your anterior deltoids. You must make use of light weights for this workout routine to prevent the sustenance of injuries. To perform the front raise, begin by keeping your hands at the level of your hips then lift the weight towards your chest while tightening your shoulders and core. Take in deep breaths while you raise the value upwards then gradually return to your original position. Repeat this workout routine for at least twelve to fifteen reps to get superb results. You must be diligent while performing this workout routine to ensure that you get excellent results.

Reverse Pec Deck Fly

This excellent workout routine has effects on the posterior deltoids and is performed using the pec deck machine. To begin this workout routine, start by facing the machine while positioning its seat in a way that its handles are placed on the level of your shoulders. Grasp the hold of the device while placing your palms in an inward direction. Ensure that your chest is tightened while extending your arms and pulling the handles extensively. Gradually return to your original position and repeat this procedure for at least ten to twelve reps to get the best results. You must be consistent and diligent while performing this workout routine to ensure that you get effective and efficient results.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise

This fantastic workout routine has superb effects on your middle deltoids. This exercise also aids in the proper development of your overall body physique. It helps in the elimination of body imbalances and injuries. You can either bend-over or maintain a standing position while performing this workout routine. To achieve this workout routine, begin by grasping a set of dumbbells in your hands while keeping your torso in an upward position. Ensure that your backside is straightened and flat while your knees are bent, and your eyes are placed at a particular point on the ground. Let the dumbbells dangle directly underneath your shoulders with your hands firmly gripping its handles. Lift the dumbbells to your sides while keeping your chest and core engaged the gradually return to your original position. Repeat this procedure for at least ten to twelve reps and maintain a few seconds while holding the dumbbell sideways. You must perform this workout routine diligently and consistently to get superb results.


Most individuals search for effective ways to build their shoulder physique but end up finding nothing correctly. This is because they do not engage in the proper exercises that would develop specific significant muscles of the shoulders like the deltoids. Awesome shoulder workouts to try out include barbell overhead shoulder press, seated dumbbell shoulder press, bent-over dumbbell lateral raise, and many more at

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