Dad Grass Goodtime Formula CBD + CBG Tincture

Jul 19th, 2022 1:43AM

The Dad Grass Goodtime Formula is a 100% organic full spectrum tincture that provides the relief of CBD with the rejuvenation of CBG so you can keep the good times rollin. Although this 1:1 formula is good anytime, we like to drop it when our good times have left us feeling, well, less than great. Weve all been there. The morning after a long night out on the town. A couple hours post-workout. That first obligation after a trip across time zones. Any Monday. Delivered in equal parts, the two cannabinoids work together to put us back in the game. Just like some other dynamic duos weve come to depend on. Think Shaq and Kobe. Ibuprofen & a cup o joe. Or Dad Grass and Mom Grass. The CBD takes the edge off while the CBG tunes you into whatever the day may bring. Visit here to buy -

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