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Kenevir Research is a natural products analytical laboratory located in Southern Oregon currently offering Cannabis testing, consultation, and education services to Oregon's adult use and medical Cannabis communities.

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Kenevir Research
May 23rd, 2016 3:14PM

Need Cannabis Testing in Southern Oregon?

We are ready to help you with your Cannabis testing needs! We offer a variety of testing packages to help you either meet state compliance standards, or gather information for your own purposes. Visit our website or contact us at 541-668-7444 to learn mor

Kenevir Research
May 23rd, 2016 3:12PM

Russet mites from Cannabis leaves

Do you know how to identify russet mites? These critters have caused a lot of trouble for Southern Oregon growers lately!

Kenevir Research
May 23rd, 2016 3:09PM

2016 Seminar Series Schedule

We provide free natural products science seminars throughout the year covering a variety of topics, including Cannabis and cannabinoid science topics!

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