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Nov 27th 4:59PM

We supply top shelf buds, Carts, oils, Runtz, prerolls,

Shop TOPSHELF­čŹüBUDS, Wax, harsh,DMT,LSD shrooms and THC carts with high THC­čĺ» Available at a low prices

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Where my #houstonfreaks at?? R/T if u in #HTX

Nov 27th 10:23AM

CBD Youthful Skin Gift Bundle

Give the gift of glowing skin for the holidays! Each Youthful Skin CBD Gift Bundle includes:

Skin Care Facial Toner 20mg CBD

AM-PM Moisturizing Cream 100mg CBD

Revitalize Cream with Collagen + Retinoil 100mg CBD

Nov 27th 2:25AM

What's the difference between endocannabinoids and phytocannabinoids?

Everyone these days is talking about the medicinal benefits of CBD.

And for many people, the idea that CBD, which can be derived from either the cannabis or the hemp plant, can actually offer our body a multitude of different health benefits, is

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