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Oct 20th 6:02AM

Best Marijuana Packaging in Colorado at CRATIV Packaging

Are you looking for the best marijuana packaging in Colorado? Your search ends now! CRATIV Packaging offers high-quality and custom-engineered solutions for all your packaging needs.

Moreover, you can also customize your with our range of inserts an

Dad Grass
Oct 12th 10:27AM

Your Joint Has More In Common With Your Pint Than You Might Think

Hemp and hops (most commonly consumed in beer) have been used to wind down or lighten up for generations. Healthline says that "alcohol is known to reduce inhibitions and promote feelings of relaxation. Read the blog to know more. https://bit.ly/3oVMMYq

Dad Grass
Oct 6th 9:34AM

Will Dad Grass CBD Joints & Flower Show Up On A Drug Test?

When it comes to drug tests, urine tests are still the most popular and common method of screening, and while they dont typically scan for CBD, sometimes Hemp products have THC in them as well. The only times a CBD product will trigger a positive drug tes

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