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Pineapple Express Delivers
Jan 22nd 1:25AM

Lime | Mango Kush | 1g Cart

Introducing Lime 2.0 now with new packaging and upgraded ceramic coils! The Mango Kush marijuana strain tastes similar to the actual mango fruit, with a distinct kush flavor and hints of pine on the exhale. Its buds are covered with orange pistils and are

Dad Grass
Jan 22nd 12:23AM

Dad Grass 5 Pack Special Editions Bundle

All three of dad grass's special edition five packs in one tasty bundle! Collect them, smoke them or give them to your special someone.

Dad Grass
Jan 21st 12:51AM

Clear Head Cassettes 5 Pack Dad Stash

A 5-pack of Dad Grass Hemp CBD Pre Rolls discreetly concealed in a Dad Stash decoy pack sleeve that looks like a couple of cassette tapes

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