Ripped City Gardens

Ripped City Gardens is an expert large-scale OMMP cannabis grower. Our perfected cultivation techniques enable our expert grow team to produce only the finest top shelf cannabis for our patients and consumers. Premium cannabis and cannabis products

Weekly Specials:
Monday: $30/eighths
Tuesday:10% off all shirts
Wednesday: $5 off $35 or more purchase
Thursday: 3 pre-rolls for $12
Friday: 10% off edibles
Saturday: $5 off concentrates

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Ripped City Gardens
May 27th, 2016 4:43PM

Adak Plant grown by Ripped City

Our expert growers sure have our technique down!

Meet Adak, she tests at 31.2% THC! A potent sativa sure to get that creativity flowing while euphoric effects uplift and energize the consumer.

Check out Adak here at Ripped City Medical Dispensary!


Ripped City Gardens
May 13th, 2016 6:55PM

Friday Highday Special

FRIDAY HIGHDAY IS HERE!! (And so are new daily specials)
10% off ALL edibles- including delicious medicated taffy by @thattaffy
Take a peek at the specials board in the store or on!

Ripped City Gardens
May 11th, 2016 3:59PM

Obama Kush by Ripped City Gardens

Obama Kush by Ripped City Gardens- This pungent cross between Afghani and OG Kush is loved by consumers for its cerebral stimulation and euphoric rush. This is an interesting Indica, because it does not stimulate appetite or cause drowsiness.

Get Obama K

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