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Nov 16th 6:34PM

Original Cannabis Card Game - IN WEED WE TRUST

Hustle Hard Media, LLC, has created IN WEED WE TRUST a playing card game for the cannabis industry.

The game consists of 110 color coded cards. There are 10 wild and 26 special cards. The cards are numbered 1 - 9 in four colors, green, black, purple a

Dad Grass
Nov 15th 8:22AM

Dad Grass Tinctures Subscriptions

Our first formulation, Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD Tincture, is distilled from the same CBD-rich 100% Organic hemp flower youll find in our other Dad Grass products. A Dad Grass Subscription makes your life easier, so you can focus on the important stuf

Nov 12th 4:39AM

Child-Resistant Packaging

Child-Resistant Packaging
Visit: https://bit.ly/3D6mFlz

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