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Dad Grass
Nov 22nd 7:50AM

Shop Chanukah 5782 CBD/CBG Stash & Merch Collection

Shop Chanukah 5782 CBD/CBG stash & merch collection at Dad Grass. If you were with us last holiday season, you'll remember our first Chanukah miracle: The Chanukah Candles 5-Pack Dad Stash. Now we've got a few more gelt-free pleasures to help you celebrat

Dad Grass
Oct 28th 6:37AM

Dad Grass Stash-O-Ween Costumes

Trick-or-treat yourself this Halloween with a costume that wouldn't be complete without a joint (or five) in hand. Inspired by our Dad Stash Special Editions, we put together a monster mash-up of movie, music and cultural icons for you to dress up as this

Dad Grass
Aug 10th 5:09AM

A New Kind of Stash For Your Grass

Hide Your Dad Grass Hemp CBD Flower In Plain Sight With Our Dad Stash Flower Decoy Magnets!
Your Grass ain't for your kids. And certainly not for their friends. As students of the ancient art of stashing grass, we understand how crucial it is that you k

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