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Dad Grass
Apr 15th 9:34AM

Dad Grass Premium Rolling Papers

There are papers, and then there's the paper Cadillac. You already know how we pre-roll joints with Dad Grass Premium Rolling Papers, included with each tin of Dad Grass Flower. You can, however, purchase them separately!

These packs of 1 un

Dad Grass
Mar 25th 3:18AM

Mom Grass CBG Hemp Flower Quarter Ounce

A quarter ounce of Mom Grass hemp CBG flower that comes with premium organic hemp Dad Grass Rolling Papers and a 2-way humidity control pack. A quarter ounce is equal to 7 Mom Grass 1G Classic Joints.

Dad Grass
Sep 13th, 2021 8:58AM

100% Organic CBD Hemp Flower

Dad Grass only works with craft farmers that sustainably produce 100% organic CBD hemp flower in small batches. They grow, harvest and trim by hand with the same level of care a home gardener would use for their familys harvest. Buy Now from http://altur

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