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Dad Grass
Oct 12th 10:27AM

Your Joint Has More In Common With Your Pint Than You Might Think

Hemp and hops (most commonly consumed in beer) have been used to wind down or lighten up for generations. Healthline says that "alcohol is known to reduce inhibitions and promote feelings of relaxation. Read the blog to know more.

Dad Grass
May 28th 3:24AM

Mom Grass Tee shirt + Mom Grass 5 Pack Trio Bundle

This shirt is a celebration of two firsts. Its the first official piece of Mom Grass merch and also the first time weve introduced the high quality 100% cotton tee weve had in top-secret development since last year. Each one of these bad mama jamas are cu

Dad Grass
May 5th 7:27AM

Rolls & Bowls Flower Dad Stash

A Quarter or Half Ounce tin of Dad Grass Flower that looks like a tin of Dog Biscuits, thanks to one of our new Dad Stash decoy magnets, the latest innovation in our revolutionary stashing system.

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